The Best Options For Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally

Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally

If you want to take your motorcycle on an overseas adventure or relocate it to another country, international shipping is necessary Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally. With some planning and choosing the proper shipping method, you can get your motorcycle where it needs to go safely and smoothly.

Container Shipping

One of the most affordable options for transporting a motorcycle internationally is container shipping. Your bike will be packed securely inside a 20-foot or 40-foot shipping container along with other cargo. Containers are transported efficiently via large cargo ships, which allows for lower freight costs compared to air shipping. However, the travel time is much longer – it can take 4-6 weeks for a container shipment to arrive by sea.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive Long transit times
Secure transport in a container Less control over schedule
Efficient for long distances Bike is packed and cannot be accessed easily

Air Freight Shipping

For destinations that require faster delivery, air freight is a better option than container shipping. Your motorcycle will carefully packed and loaded onto a cargo plane. While more expensive than container shipping, transit times are significantly shorter at around 5-10 days on average. Proper packing is crucial to prevent damage from vibration during air transport.

Pros Cons
Much faster transit times Higher costs than container shipping
Ability to track shipment progress Less cargo capacity than sea containers
Better for last-minute or time-sensitive shipments Bike is packed and cannot be accessed easily

Motorcycle Shipping Companies

Specialized motorcycle shipping companies can handle all aspects of international transport, from packing and loading to customs clearance at destination. Many provide door-to-door service. It’s recommended to choose a company with experience shipping motorcycles overseas. Ask about insurance policies in case of damage or delay. Also confirm the types of vehicles they can accommodate, such as cruisers, dirt bikes, or large touring bikes. Customer reviews can provide insight into a company’s reliability, pricing and service.

Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally – Preparing Your Motorcycle for Shipment

Proper preparation reduces the risk of any issues during transport. Bikes shipped overseas should have their batteries disconnected, fuel tanks emptied as much as allowable by law, and drivetrain secured from movement. Critical parts like handlebars and mirrors may need to detached as well. Thoroughly inspect and service the motorcycle before shipping to catch any problems. Also draft an extensive inventory of parts and components for insurance purposes in case of loss or damage during transit.

Customs Regulations

The destination country’s customs agency enforces import rules and duties on transported vehicles. Research applicable regulations such as duty fees, proof of ownership documents like a title, and emissions/safety compliance standards well before a planned move. A customs broker can help navigate paperwork and clearances. Temporary import permits may required if the stay is less than one year. Permanent imports trigger additional obligations like licensing and registration with local authorities.

Insurance Coverage

It’s wise to purchase transportation insurance from the shipping company to cover any losses or damages during overseas travel. Standard cargo insurance protects the actual cash value of the motorcycle based on its condition, but not sentimental value. Comprehensive coverage provides extra protection like duties in case a vehicle is lost or destroyed. Verify what situations are covered to peace of mind about your valuable vehicle going through an intricate international move.

Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally – Summary

By selecting container shipping or air freight from a vetted transporter, thoroughly prepping the bike, understanding customs laws for your destination and buying the appropriate insurance, you can have successful international relocation of your motorcycle. While transportation always involves risk, taking the time for careful preparation and logistics planning makes the outcome more predictable when shipping something as precious as your motorcycle overseas.