How much does it cost to ship something to Hawaii?

cost to ship something to Hawaii

Shipping items to Hawaii from the continental United States can be more expensive than shipping domestically to other states, due to Hawaii’s isolated location in the Pacific Ocean cost to ship something to Hawaii.

However, with some planning and choosing the most cost-effective shipping methods, you can minimize shipping costs to the Hawaiian islands.

This article provides an in-depth overview of typical shipping rates and options to consider when sending items to Hawaii.

Factors That Affect Shipping Rates

Weight of the Shipment

Generally, the heavier the item you want to ship, the more you will pay. Most carriers calculate shipping costs based on the weight of your package. Large or heavy items like furniture will naturally cost significantly more to ship than a small envelope or lightweight parcel.

Distance from the Port of Origin

Being over 2,300 miles from the mainland, distance is a major factor in the cost of transporting goods to Hawaii. Cargo has to travel by boat or plane across the vast Pacific Ocean, which increases transit time and fuel costs compared to domestic ground shipping.

Location within Hawaii also makes a difference—islands like Kauai and Molokai further from ports of entry will usually have higher rates than Oahu or Hawaii Island.

cost to ship something to Hawaii – Speed of Delivery

If regular ground transportation is acceptable, standard shipping will have a lower rate than expedited options. However, air transportation is necessary to get items to Hawaii reasonably fast—usually 3-5 business days for air cargo. Faster delivery methods like priority or express shipping will cost more money but ensure timely arrival.

Time of Year

During peak holiday seasons when shipping volumes are higher (November-January, June-August), transportation networks face more demand which can drive rates up slightly. Planning ahead and shipping early/mid-year can help sidestep potential holiday shipping rate increases and bottlenecks.

Major Carriers and Their Hawaii Shipping Rates

US Postal Service

USPS provides affordable ground and air mail options for smaller, lightweight packages to Hawaii. Ground transportation takes 7-10 business days. Some typical current USPS rates for Hawaii include:

Size/Weight Service Estimated Cost
Under 1 lb envelope First-Class Mail $1.40
5 lb small parcel Priority Mail $15-20
10 lb medium box Priority Mail $25-30

cost to ship something to Hawaii – UPS and FedEx

Major carriers UPS and FedEx can move larger/heavier shipments via air faster (2-4 days) than USPS but at higher rates. Both allow online shipping estimates. Examples of UPS and FedEx Hawaii rates include:

Size/Weight Service Estimated Cost
5 lb small parcel Ground $20-30
10 lb medium box 2nd Day Air $50-75
25 lb large item Express Saver $75-100

Consolidated Freight Services

For shipping very large/heavy palletized cargo like appliances, furniture or commercial goods, consolidated freight companies offer more affordable rates via ocean container transport.

Transit takes 7-10 days each way by boat. Example rates may range from $500 for a large appliance up to $2,000+ for a full pallet load.

cost to ship something to Hawaii – Tips to Reduce Shipping Costs to Hawaii

Consider these potential ways to trim expenses on Hawaii shipments:

  • Schedule delivery for mid-week rather than weekends when rates tend to rise.
  • Decrease package weight and dimensions to qualify for lower rate brackets.
  • Consolidate multiple lighter items into one larger parcel to gain efficiencies.
  • Compare rates from carriers like USPS, UPS and FedEx to find best available options.
  • Consider slower ocean freight for heavy items instead of air transport.
  • Shop online with carriers for discounted rates on larger shipment volumes.

Planning is key when shipping to Hawaii. By weighing various factors that drive rates and selecting advantageous transit options, you can help mitigate costs associated with transporting items to the islands through the continental US.

With some research and the above tips, it’s very possible to find affordable solutions for all types of Hawaii shipments.