Guide to Transporting your BMW Safely and Efficiently

Transporting your BMW Safely and Efficiently

Whether you are relocating, selling your car or simply want to take a road trip, professional car shipping can help transport your BMW in a secure and reliable manner Transporting your BMW Safely and Efficiently. This guide will outline the key factors to consider when choosing a transport company and preparing your vehicle for the journey ahead.

Choosing a Reputable Transporter

When shipping your BMW, only use a transport company that specializes in vehicle shipping and has a proven track record. Look for companies that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have positive online reviews. It’s also wise to check how long they have been in business, as more established transporters will have more experience handling luxury vehicles like BMWs.

Ask About Insurance

Reputable car transporters should provide proof of insurance, including cargo insurance in case of accidents or theft during transit. The insurance coverage should be sufficient to cover the full value of your BMW. Don’t assume your personal auto insurance will cover the vehicle while it’s being shipped – clarify this with your provider.

Consider Response Time

Inquire about the carrier’s response times for scheduling pickups and drop-offs as well as how quickly they respond to any issues that may arise. Faster response times often indicate a larger, better-organized company with more resources to handle problems efficiently.

Preparing Your BMW for Transport

Taking some simple precautions before your BMW is picked up can help protect its condition throughout the journey. Here are a few key preparations:

Remove Valuables – Transporting your BMW Safely and Efficiently

Be sure to remove all personal belongings, expensive electronics and valuables from the vehicle before it is loaded for transport. Consider taking the radio faceplate or GPS unit with you if they are removable. It’s also wise to empty your gas tank to around 1/4 to reduce flammability risks.

Clean the Interior and Exterior

Give your BMW a thorough cleaning inside and out so any dirt or debris doesn’t get tracked into the vehicle during loading. Cleaning also allows you to inspect for any pre-existing nicks or dings to note on the condition report.

Secure Loose Items

Item Action
Floor mats Secure with tape or Velcro so they don’t slide during transit
Small objects Store in locked glove box or trunk
Window visors Remove or secure so they don’t blow off during travel

Taking basic fastening and packaging steps can help keep loose objects from becoming hazardous projectiles during transport.

Winterize If Necessary – Transporting your BMW Safely and Efficiently

If shipping during cold weather months, winterize your BMW as needed – check antifreeze levels, make sure battery is fully charged and install winter windshield washer fluid. This prevents freezing and other issues incase of weather delays.

What to Expect During Transport

Reputable car transport companies use enclosed, multi-vehicle carriers to protect vehicles from weather elements like rain, snow, or excessive heat from the sun. Here are some typical steps in the transport process:

Load Verification – Transporting your BMW Safely and Efficiently

The driver will verify details about your BMW like mileage, existing dents or scratches before securing it on the transport truck. Note any discrepancies on the condition report to have on file.

Secured with Straps

BMWs will be firmly strapped to the carrier floor with adjustable ratchet straps around tires and chassis to keep it fixed in place during transit.

Sealed Carrier

Once loaded, the enclosed carrier door is shut and sealed for security so contents can’t be accessed until destination is reached.

GPS Monitored Transport – Transporting your BMW Safely and Efficiently

Larger transport companies use GPS tracking devices on all carriers so customers can monitor location and estimated time of arrival online during travel.

Inspection at Delivery – Transporting your BMW Safely and Efficiently

At destination, your BMW will be unloaded and a final inspection done to check for any damage. Note and report any discrepancies before signing off for release of the vehicle.

Key Tips for a Smooth BMW Shipping Experience

To recap the most vital guidelines to help ensure your BMW reaches its destination secure and on-schedule:

  • Only use accredited, experienced luxury auto carriers
  • Confirm adequate insurance is in place
  • Prepare your BMW properly before pickup
  • Note any existing damage on condition reports
  • Monitor transport location via GPS if available
  • Inspect thoroughly before signing for delivery

With the proper precautions and reputable transportation, you can feel assured your BMW will arrive safely wherever the open road may lead you.