Car Delivery Costs: Breaking Down the Price of Getting Your Vehicle Delivered Safely to Your Doorstep

how much does it cost to get a car delivered

Getting your car delivered safely to your doorstep can be a convenient and hassle-free option, especially if you’re moving across the country or purchasing a vehicle from another state. But how much does it actually cost to have your beloved wheels transported to its new home? Is it cheaper than driving it yourself? And which company offers the most affordable car shipping services? In this article, we’ll break down the price of getting your car delivered and answer all these burning questions. So buckle up and join us as we navigate through the world of car delivery costs!

How much does it cost to have a car delivered across the US?

When it comes to delivering a car across the vast expanse of the United States, several factors come into play in determining the cost. One of the primary considerations is the distance that needs to be covered. The longer the journey, the higher the price tag is likely to be.

Another factor that affects delivery costs is whether you opt for open or enclosed transport. Open transport tends to be more affordable since it involves shipping your vehicle on an open trailer alongside other cars. On the other hand, enclosed transport offers increased protection but comes at a higher price point.

The type and size of your vehicle also impact delivery costs. Larger vehicles such as SUVs or trucks may require additional fees due to their size and weight, while smaller cars are generally less expensive to ship.

Timing can also influence pricing; peak seasons like summer tend to have higher rates due to increased demand for car transportation services.

Keep in mind that fuel prices and carrier availability can fluctuate and affect overall costs.

Now that we’ve discussed some key factors, let’s move on to explore whether shipping your car is cheaper than driving it yourself!

Is it cheaper to ship a car than drive?

When it comes to transporting your car, you may find yourself wondering if it’s cheaper to ship it or drive it yourself. Well, the answer depends on various factors.

Consider the distance of your journey. If you’re moving across the country or even from one coast to another, driving can be time-consuming and costly. You’ll need to factor in fuel costs, accommodation expenses along the way, and meals.

Additionally, driving long distances can put wear and tear on your vehicle, which could result in unexpected maintenance costs down the line.

On the other hand, shipping your car offers convenience and peace of mind. With a reputable auto transport company, you can avoid putting unnecessary miles on your vehicle and potentially save money on gas expenses.

Furthermore, when considering whether to ship or drive, think about how much value you place on your time. Driving cross-country takes days or even weeks, depending on how often you stop along the way. By opting for car shipping services instead, you’ll have more free time to focus on other important aspects of moving.

Deciding between shipping or driving boils down to personal preference and circumstances. Take into account factors such as distance traveled and potential wear-and-tear costs before making a decision that suits both your budget and peace of mind!

What is the cheapest company to ship your car?

When it comes to shipping your car, finding the most affordable option is always a top priority. With so many companies out there claiming to offer the best rates and services, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is truly the cheapest.

One company that consistently stands out for its affordability is XYZ Auto Transport. They have built a reputation for providing competitive prices without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction. With their extensive network of carriers and streamlined logistics processes, they are able to offer cost-effective solutions for transporting vehicles across long distances.

Another budget-friendly option worth considering is ABC Car Shipping. This company prides itself on offering transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Their team of experienced professionals works diligently to find the most efficient routes and consolidate shipments when possible, resulting in lower overall costs for customers.

If you’re looking for an even more economical choice, DEF Auto Movers may be worth exploring. They specialize in connecting customers with independent drivers who have available space in their trailers or trucks. By leveraging this shared transportation model, DEF Auto Movers can often provide significantly reduced rates compared to traditional shipping companies.

Remember that while price is important, it’s crucial not to compromise on reliability and safety when choosing a car shipping company. Be sure to thoroughly research each provider by reading reviews and checking their credentials before making a decision.

Finding the cheapest company to ship your car requires careful consideration of various factors such as distance, vehicle type, delivery timeframe, and any additional services you may require along the way. Take your time comparing quotes from different providers and weigh them against other considerations like reputation and customer reviews.

By doing your due diligence and exploring all available options within your budget range, you’ll be well-equipped to select the most affordable car shipping solution that meets your needs without breaking the bank!

How much does it cost to ship a car from NY to Florida?

In this article, we have explored the various factors that contribute to the cost of getting your car delivered safely to your doorstep. We discussed how much it typically costs to have a car shipped across the US and whether shipping a car is cheaper than driving.

We also looked at some of the cheapest companies available for shipping your car, highlighting their affordability without compromising on quality and reliability. It’s important to research different options and get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision.

We examined the specific case of shipping a car from New York to Florida. This popular route can vary in price depending on several factors, such as distance, vehicle size, seasonality, and additional services requested.

When considering how much it costs to get a car delivered, it’s essential to take into account all these variables and compare different quotes. While cost is an important factor, don’t forget about other aspects like reputation, customer reviews, and insurance coverage offered by the company you choose.

By understanding these factors and doing thorough research beforehand, you can ensure that your vehicle delivery experience is hassle-free while staying within your budget. So go ahead and explore your options today!


-Convenient way to get a car delivered without having to pick it up
-Efficient way to transport a car between locations
-Cost-effective option for those who do not have the means to transport a car themselves


-Potential for additional fees and charges
-Risk of damage to the vehicle during transport
-Potential for delays due to unforeseen circumstances


1. How much does it cost to get a car delivered?

Answer: The cost of car delivery will depend on the distance, vehicle size and type, and other factors such as special handling requirements. A typical cost for delivering a standard-sized sedan to a nearby location would be around $150-$200.

2. Is there an additional fee for express delivery?

Answer: Yes, some companies may charge an additional fee for express delivery. This fee will depend on the distance of the delivery and any special handling requirements.

3. Are there discounts available for multiple car deliveries?

Answer: Yes, most companies offer discounts for multiple car deliveries. These discounts can vary depending on the number of cars being shipped and the distance of the delivery.

4. Is there an extra cost for preparing the car for shipping?

Answer: Yes, some companies may charge an additional fee for preparing the car for shipping. This fee will depend on the make and model of the car and any special preparation required.

5. Does the cost of delivery include insurance coverage?

Answer: Yes, the cost of delivery typically includes insurance coverage for the duration of the shipment. This is included in the total cost of the delivery and is usually provided by the shipping company.


1. Cost of car delivery varies depending on the distance – the longer the distance, the higher the cost.
2. Additional fees may be charged for insurance, storage, and other services.
3. Delivery costs may be more expensive during busy periods due to the increased demand for delivery services.
4. The size and weight of the vehicle also affects the cost of delivery – heavier and larger cars cost more to deliver.
5. The cost of car delivery also depends on the type of delivery service used – some services offer door-to-door delivery, while others offer terminal-to-terminal delivery.
6. Some car delivery companies offer discounts for bulk deliveries, or for customers who book multiple services.
7. The cost of car delivery may also be affected by local taxes and regulations.
8. The cost of car delivery may be higher if the delivery is to be completed on a weekend or holiday.